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Bernie Fine Allegations: Accusers File Defamation Lawsuit Against Jim Boeheim, Syracuse University

Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, the initial two accusers in the Bernie Fine sexual abuse allegations, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University alleging that the Syracuse coach defamed them in his initial comments on the case.


Allred said the civil lawsuit, filed in state supreme court in New York County, is seeking compensatory and punitive damages but would not name a dollar amount. Both men say in the lawsuit that Fine sexually abused them when they were boys, according to Allred. She said the two have not sought money for their accusations before now.

When he initially learned of the latest round of accusations, Boeheim defending Fine, calling Davis and Lang "liars" and insisting that they were only out for money. Now, in a twisted O'Henry bit of logic, they will be asking for financial compensation from Boeheim himself.

Represented by lawyer Gloria Allred, the two have alleged that Boeheim knew about the improper relationship between Bernie Fine and Davis. Boeheim has vehemently denied knowledge.

SU declined to comment Tuesday.

You can read the full lawsuit here.

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