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PHOTO: College Basketball Court Designs Gaudy Enough To Make Oregon Jealous

Inspired by Oregon's new basketball court, which features a lot of trees, freelance designer Jake Donahue has created new court designs for eight schools, including Miami, Nebraska and UNLV. Donahue says on his site that he "created all these designs to look as gaudy and ugly as I could." He succeeded. 


That's a lot of flowers. But not everyone thinks they're so ugly, says Donahue.

[T]he best part is that I've heard people actually LIKE some of the courts. I did not see that one coming, especially since these were made in jest. So there you go.

After the jump, a few more of his creations. 



OK, the LSU court is pretty awesome. 



See all eight courts at over on Donahue's site

(H/T: The Dagger)