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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Duke Ascends To No. 1 In AP Poll

This week's NCAA basketball rankings are complete with the release of the AP Poll, which follows the form of the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll nearly to a T. Duke takes the No. 1 ranking in the AP Poll, rising after a week of turmoil at the top, but the San Diego State Aztecs cannot make a charge into the top four in these rankings.

Duke, the only member of this week's top five to survive last week without a loss, moves up to the top spot. The Blue Devils are followed by Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Texas.

San Diego State, the last remaining one-loss team in Division I, remains at sixth, followed by fellow Mountain West team Brigham Young at seventh. The Cougars earned two first-place votes.

Following its upset of Pittsburgh, St. John's leaps into the rankings, landing at 23rd. Steve Lavin's first year at the helm of the Red Storm has been marked by big upsets at Madison Square Garden: the Johnnies have downed both Duke and Pittsburgh in New York City.

Full AP Poll rankings are as follows:

  1. Duke
  2. Ohio State
  3. Kansas
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Texas
  6. San Diego State
  7. Brigham Young
  8. Purdue
  9. Notre Dame
  10. Arizona
  11. Georgetown
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Florida
  14. Connecticut
  15. Villanova
  16. Louisville
  17. Syracuse
  18. Vanderbilt
  19. North Carolina
  20. Missouri
  21. Texas A&M
  22. Kentucky
  23. St. John's
  24. Temple
  25. Xavier