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Jimmer Fredette Letter Results In Cheeriest Facebook Spam Deluge Ever

Jimmer Fredette's got a posse, and it just happens to be the most harmlessly scary thing on the internet. After CBS Sports' Matt Norlander linked to a letter critical of Fredette's adoring fans at BYU, the letter's author was quickly sniffed out by the Jimmilitia.

Dream Catcher Media has a gigantic screenshot of the hundreds of comments that made their way to Michelle Peralta's Facebook wall. They're almost all good-naturedly joshy, which kind of makes them more unsettling, considering they come from the internet. Today we saw Provo's true colors, and they are suspiciously pleasant.

This kind of thing that happens from time to time at any university that finds itself with an athletic superstar on its hands. Priorities are different for everyone, and that's not always easy for fans of things besides sports (WHATEVER THOSE ARE!) to square with.

But seriously -- the lesson here is to leave the Jimfantry alone, lest they gently heckle you with smiles, fellowship, and free refreshments in the vestibule.