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NCAA Bracket Preview: Complete Indiana State Tournament Primer

The Indiana State Sycamores' post-Larry Bird successes in the modern era haven't featured much in terms of the NCAA Tournament. This is just Indiana State's third March Madness appearance since that magical run to the NCAA final, and its first round win in 2001 is the only one since the era of Larry Legend. These Sycamores, though, have their own legacy: in a Missouri Valley Conference with three presumed titans, the Sycamores, thought to be third of three, made a run through the conference to take their rightful NCAA Tournament automatic berth.

Record: 20-13, 15-6 in the Missouri Valley

RPI: 85

Key wins: Indiana State came up big against Missouri Valley regular season champion Missouri State when it mattered with a 60-56 win in the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament on March 6.

Key losses: Against Missouri State and Wichita State in the regular season, though, the Sycamores went just 1-3, losing those three games in a five-game losing streak that stretched from Jan. 22 to Feb. 5.

Players to watch: The Sycamores have no great surplus of height, with no player getting meaningful minutes standing taller than six-foot-eight. But forward Myles Walker blocks shots on 4.7 percent of opponent possessions. And even a team of relative Lilliputians will have its occasional stud, like Jake Odum, whose superb midrange shooting and sure passing have made him an extraordinarily steady freshman point guard.

Se the printable 2011 NCAA Tournament bracket.