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Dick Vitale's Bracket For 2011 NCAA Tournament Has Ohio State Winning It All

ESPN's Dick Vitale's bracket is one of many that has the best team in the regular season also winning the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Vitale has picked the Ohio State Buckeyes, the No. 1 seed in the East Region to cut down the nets and win the national championship.

Led by Jared Sullinger, the Buckeyes have held the No. 1 ranking for much of the year, and Vitale believes that will hold up during March Madness. He has the Buckeyes defeating Pittsburgh, the No. 1 seed in the Southeast region, in the title game.

Vitale has three No. 1 seeds in his Final Four, with West No. 1 Duke joining the Buckeyes and Panthers. His fourth Final Four team is Louisville, the No. 4 seed in the Southwest region. Vitale has the Cardinals upsetting the No. 1-seeded Kansas Jayhawks in the Sweet 16.

In the Elite 8, Vitale has Ohio State topping No. 3 seed Syracuse, Duke defeating Kemba Walker and No. 3 seed Connecticut, Louisville topping No. 2 seed Notre Dame and Pittsburgh topping No. 11 seed Gonzaga, a surprise bracket buster that Vitale believes can upset No. 2 seed Florida and No. 3 seed BYU.