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Kyrie Irving Could Play For Duke In NCAA Tournament, According To Mike Krzyzewski

Kyrie Irving, for much of the year thought to be in danger of missing the season after injuring his toe early in his freshman year, could still play for the Duke Blue Devils this year.

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski said Tuesday at a press conference, “Kyrie practiced a little bit with us today. We'll see how he feels tomorrow. There is a chance he would play.” Irving return rumors have bubbled up and down throughout the year, but that’s from Coach K himself. It was Krzyzewski who first speculated that Irving could miss the entire year, for what it’s worth.

While "chance" isn't by any means something to latch on to, it's worth comparing with what he said earlier in the week. Monday Coach K was less optimistic, saying, “We’re far away from that decision.”

With Nolan Smith also recently hobbled by a foot injury, the Blue Devils will take all the back court scoring they can get. A reasonably healthy duo of Smith and Irving on the floor would change the March Madness balance, likely making the defending champs once again the favorites they were in November.

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