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VIDEO: Juan Fernandez Game-Winner Counters Talor Battle Three In Temple-Penn State

Juan Fernandez had a great first half against Penn State in the 2011 NCAA Tournament's first ("second") round, but went quiet for most of the second. Apparently all it took to stir him was Kevin Harlan's hollery call of what appeared to be an overtime-forcing three-pointer by Penn State's Talor Battle:

via SB Nation Philly

It's a great shot in traffic, but it's made even better by the shot that came before it. Battle's should be remembered as one of the biggest of the day, but it'll quickly be forgotten by the end of the tournament. The title of second-clutchest college basketball player in the state of Pennsylvania doesn't sound like much, but at least he doesn't play for the Sixers.

Fernandez finished with 23 points, none more important than those two. Temple will go on to presumably play San Diego State, and will need more than a few shots like that to keep their March Madness run going.

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