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Tennessee Basketball Sets Two Unwanted NCAA Tournament Records In 30-Point Loss

According to CBS' postgame analysts, Michigan's 30-point blowout win over Tennessee today in the "second" round of the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament was one for the history books: It's both the most lopsided victory ever in an 8-9 matchup, and the first win by such a gulfy margin where the victorious team didn't hit a single free throw.

Yes, you read that last part right. But as long as we're talking about record books, let's give credit to the real hero of the day: Pause for one moment and applaud Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton's historical prowess with a torpedo. His midseason firing of Phil Fulmer begat a Homecoming loss to Wyoming (Wyoming!) in Neyland Stadium five days later; his midweek harpooning of the dread ship Pearl was no less astonishingly timed. (You will recall the first of these snark-hunting expeditions ended in the hiring of Lane Kiffin, and how well that worked out for all involved.)

With today's loss, Hamilton has more than enough ammunition pocketed to send Pearl packing. What new personnel horrors await Big Orange Country? Only Hamilton, his rifle jauntily shouldered, knows for sure, and he'll return to Knoxville to find a city already snarling for his job.