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Kevin Ware Says Mike Hamilton Told Him Bruce Pearl Would Not Be Fired, Requests LOI Release

Kevin Ware, the No. 56 recruit in the country according to Rivals and the No. 2 player in Tennessee’s 2011 class, has requested to be released from his letter of intent. He also has said Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton told him on March 6 that Pearl would remain the Vols coach “for sure.”

Obvously the matter of that bump violation changed things for Hamilton, but the possibility of losing Ware is going to be another mark in a long column titled The Tennessee Basketball Fan’s Reasons To Insult Mike Hamilton Via Campus Landmark.

Tennessee can opt not to release Ware from his letter of intent, which would be really terrific PR, so don’t put it past them. At stake for Ward is being able to play the 2011-12 season for a Division I school. While it’s not clear how much of an impact Hamilton’s broken promise had on Ware’s decision to try and leave, it certainly couldn’t have helped.

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