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Gus Johnson Joins Fox After 16-Year Career At CBS, According To Report

Gus Johnson will now join Fox to broadcast games as CBS declined to match the rival network's offer on Monday, according to the New York Daily News' Bob Raissman. The sources informing Raissman believe that one major factor in this decision was over Johnson's association with March Madness. Supposedly other members of the CBS Sports basketball team were not pleased that Johnson became the signature broadcaster of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Johnson will leave behind college basketball, boxing and MMA for the NFL and the Pac-12. With a new media deal for the Pac-12, the conference will now be able to add a signature voice to their broadcast coverage. No details have emerged on Johnson's contract with Fox yet, but he will be a prominent part of the Fox team.

Johnson spent 16 years with CBS Sports before his contract expired at the end of the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Get ready for football calls to be over the top.