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Elite 24 Begins With Broken Backboard During Warmups

This is probably an ominous start for the Elite 24 game at Venice Beach. According to Ben Golliver, the backboard shattered during warmups, leaving highly-touted prospect Mitch McGary bleeding. McGary brought down the backboard, which wasn't prepared for what hit it, with a dunk during warmups, presenting a bit of a problem.

Here's the remnants of McGary's dunk, and the backboard that once was.


via Inside Hoops

The Elite 24 game isn't just another high school exhibition, though, and the broken backboard presents a bit of a problem. With game time fast approaching -- it was actually supposed to be underway already -- and a national broadcast on ESPNU waiting, organizers are having to scramble to fix the mess. And what a mess it is.

If you're wondering, the rosters feature Shabazz Muhammad, Andrew and Aaron Harrison, McGary and many other top high school prospects. The annual event is one of the bigger showcases in the country and serves as a glimpse into the future of college, and perhaps professional basketball.

It doesn't, however, feature the sturdiest of backboards, as we saw on Saturday.