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VIDEO: Florida State Fans Rush The Court, Cop Protects The Rim

We've found the best defender from Saturday's matchup between North Carolina and Florida State. It wasn't a player, however, but the persistence and willingness to protect the rim were second-to-none. Nobody -- and I mean nobody -- hangs on this police officer's rim.

To set the scene, North Carolina was simply run off the court in Tallahassee. The defense on display by the Tar Heels left much to be desired, and Florida State came away with a 90-57 win. Nobody was expecting this.

Naturally, the fans rushed the court, and one intrepid fan went straight for the rack. Oh, he grabbed rim all right, but the fan paid for it dearly as a cop came out of nowhere and yanked the young man back to Earth.

Via Breakroom Buzz

It may have taken the officer a few attempts to snag the swinging kid, but he got him in the end. And with that, another rim was saved, making the officer the defensive player of the game.