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Syracuse's Fab Melo Out Over Unresolved Academic Issue, According To Report

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Syracuse Orange center Fab Melo did not travel with the team for Saturday's game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and will also miss Monday's game against the Cincinnati Bearcats.

ESPN's Andy Katz is reporting that Melo is being kept off the team due to an unresolved academic issue from the first semester.

According to his source, Katz says that Melo may be able to return to the team as soon as next week, depending on when the situation is rectified.

Melo is coming off a 10-point, 10-rebound performance against the Pitt Panthers that took place two days before the semester began.

Fellow Orange Mookie Jones has also left the team, though the Post-Standard is reporting that the situations involving Melo and Jones are unrelated.

Jones, a junior, tweeted that he will be back next year for Syracuse shortly following the announcement.

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