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VIDEO: Seton Hall's Peter Dill Is The Best Benchwarmer in College Hoops

We love benchwarmers because we know firsthand how it feels to not be good enough to play. And we love no benchwarmer more than Seton Hall's Peter Dill, who logged zero minutes in the Pirates' 75-63 upset of No. 8 UConn on Tuesday night. Dill, who has played eight minutes in his college career, nevertheless had one of the night's best performances:

In the video, SportsCenter's Kevin Negandhi and Linda Cohn run through Dill's list of enthusiastic courtside reactions dating back to last year's Big East Tournament, when Dill used Aaron Rodgers's championship belt celebration. In the win over UConn, Dill used a low fist pump, something that looked like rolling dice, and an overhead hammer swing to steal attention from his more talented teammates on the court. His passion is a delight to watch: not mere benchwarming, but heartwarming.