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Television Ratings For Duke-UNC Way Up

Wednesday night's classic between No. 5 North Carolina and No. 10 Duke drew much larger ratings for ESPN than the meetings between the two programs over the past few years.


According to Sports Media Watch, Wednesday's game earned a 2.2 U.S. rating and drew 3.121 million viewers on ESPN. That's up 47% in ratings and 32% in viewership from the same matchup in the comparable week last year (UNC/DUKE: 1.5, 2.367M), and up 57% and 38%, respectively from the same matchup in 2010 (DUKE/UNC: 1.4, 2.267M).


The game was the most-viewed North Carolina/Duke game on ESPN since 2009.


Wear it, "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes."