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PHOTOS: Mike Moser's Dunk Face Is Spectacular

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The UNLV basketball team had an excellent Saturday, beating fellow top-25 team and Mountain West foe San Diego State, 65-63. Even better: Flavor Flav showed up in the student section and hung out with the fans for a bit, sporting UNLV gear as he cheered on the team. Not a bad showing for the Runnin' Rebs.

Mike Moser also had his own moment in the second half, putting San Diego forward Garrett Green on a poster. Green half-heartedly tried to stop Moser from dunking and it didn't work out at all.

But the best part, captured in photos of the dunk, was Moser's face along the way. Behold, Mike Moser dunk face.


Below is the moment Green realizes "Awwww, hamburgers." Note the look on the player's face in the bottom-right corner, too.


And finally, the payoff.


Via @UNLVRebellion

Also, this is outstanding work by the student section. Its arms even move around. Big heads are a thing of the past now, so step your game up.


And we call this "The Rondo"


Photos by Ethan Miller/Getty Images unless noted.