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Bad Box Scores: UAB, SMU Kill Basketball

It's been a good ride, but college basketball died on Wednesday night. The full cause of death has not yet been released, but one could surmise the game died due to some form of blunt trauma, perhaps caused by balls deflecting off the rim. The prime suspects at this time are SMU and UAB, with the former playing the bigger role in the case.

If you missed it, UAB beat SMU by a score of 47-28. This was the final score, not a halftime score. It was as bad as you can imagine.

The box score can be found here and we'll pick it apart below the jump.

  • SMU took 46 shots and made eight for a shooting percentage of 17.4.
  • SMU was also 3-29 from beyond the arc. If not for a few late points, the Mustangs would've have had less points than missed threes.
  • UAB shot 34.1 percent from the field ... and won comfortably.
  • SMU scored 28 points in the game. UAB scored 30 points in the second half.
  • UAB shot 50 percent from the line (9-18). SMU shot 64.3 percent from the stripe (9-14). I guess we shouldn't have expected solid free throw shooting, all things considered.
  • SMU had just seven turnovers to UAB's 14. It's the moral victories, sometimes.
  • K.C. Whitaker and Cameron Moore alone combined to out-score SMU, 29-28.
  • Only two SMU players made more than one shot.
We could go on, but basketball is dead. May it rest in peace.