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VIDEO: Kansas-Missouri Rivalry Ends In Wild Fashion

Pretty fitting end to the Kansas-Missouri series, if it is indeed dead forever. With Missouri off to the SEC, the long-standing rivalry will be discontinued, at least until everyone comes to their senses and renews the yearly matchups. If you tuned in for the final game of the rivalry, you're probably left wanting for more.

After a late and-one and block by Thomas Robinson to end regulation, the game headed to overtime. It was back-and-forth again in the extra period, but the ending had a feel of finality and not, all at the same time.

You see, Missouri didn't get a shot up before the buzzer. There was a shot, though, and perhaps this is the best way to leave the series.

I actually missed this in the excitement of the end of the game. The shot, which didn't count, went in. A couple ticks earlier and Missouri wins the last game of the series. But such is life.