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Mississippi State Star Doesn't Think Mississippi State Can Pull It Together

If you're looking for a potential NCAA Tournament sleeper, the struggling but talented Mississippi State Bulldogs would seem like a decent choice. They have next level talent, they can score inside and outside, and they played No. 1 Kentucky as tough as anyone in the past month.

So why wouldn't one think that MSU - which has lost five straight - could get things turned around and win a game or two in the big dance? Perhaps the fact that junior big man Arnett Moultrie, arguably the team's best player, responded to the question of whether or not his team could come together and pull out of its current slump with this answer:

"Maybe not. Probably not."

Moultrie went on to say that "everybody's got their own agendas."

Classic post-December Rick Stansbury. I guess this is where Renardo Sidney goes Jimmy Chitwood and puts the team on his back...or just eats something.