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VIDEO: Missouri Fans Have This SEC Thing Down Already

It seems Missouri will find a way to fit right in when it makes the move to the SEC this summer. There are certain traditions that must be embraced, including a time-honored chant. If the end of the Big 12 Tournament is any indication, Mizzou will do just fine.

In somewhat of an odd sight, Missouri fans broke out the S-E-C chant as their team was putting away Baylor to win the Big 12 Tournament, earn an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament and, perhaps, snag a No. 1 seed. The S-E-C chant is a rallying cry, to be used at major sporting events, weddings, funerals or after pumping a successful tank of gas. The sooner Mizzou understood and embraced this, the better.

S-E-C does have a better ring to it than B-I-G 1-2, at least.