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VIDEO: Kim English Interviews Are The Best

The Missouri Tigers took home the Big 12 Tournament championship on Saturday in their last conference game before the big move to the SEC. But the real fun began after the game, when Kim English was pulled aside for a quick interview after head coach Frank Haith bailed to celebrate with his team. English is incredibly quotable and did not disappoint following the big win.

After getting the quick pleasantries out of the way -- thanking his coaches and teammates -- English took the time to remind everyone Kansas City was "OUR CITY." But he was just getting started.

When asked what seed Missouri deserves and should get on Selection Sunday, English had a quick, passionate appeal ... to ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi.

"Joe Lunardi, give us a one, man. 30-4, finished the season off right, five-straight wins I think. C'mon Joe Lunardi. No non-conference losses. C'mon Joe."

I like the passion and all, but let's remember Joe Lunardi isn't actually doing the real seeding here.