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VIDEO: 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions, South Region

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Now that the NCAA Tournament is here, it's time to start gambling filling out those totally free brackets and placing no money on them! Here to help you win your 100 percent legal office pool are the guys at the SB Nation video team, specifically Matt Ufford and Nick Fasulo. This time, they're breaking down the South region and telling you who is going to lose to the Kentucky Wildcats.

"The first thing you want to do," Fasulo says, "is put Kentucky to the Final Four and figure out everything else."

That sounds smart and all. Fasulo also advises not to trust Duke to get by UNLV — amateur bracketologists know that, in most cases, putting them past the Sweet 16 is a fool's errand — but he does think the Runnin' Rebels can upset the Baylor Bears in the Round of 32. Also, if you're counting on Indiana setting up a rematch with Kentucky, Nick Fasulo thinks you should check yourself before you riggity-wr ... well, you know.

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