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VIDEO: Brittney Griner Dunks, Baylor Women Advance

Brittney Griner, who was held scoreless for the first 12 minutes of Baylor's second-round matchup against Florida, finished with 25 points to lead the top-ranked Lady Bears over the Gators, 76-57.

There are only two points that have people talking, though, and those came early in the second half when she became the second woman to dunk in an NCAA Tournament game. Check it out below the jump.

Despite Griner's modest reaction, her teammates and coaches were clearly excited. From the AP:

"That wasn't just a barely-over-the-rim type of dunk. That was a monster dunk," Baylor coach Kim Mulkey said. "I think Brittney is so conscious of people writing good or bad about the dunk, that she's scared to get excited sometimes and celebrate a dunk, because she's been written about in a negative way. I said, ‘Honey, if I could dunk it, I'd do backflips down the floor.'"

Griner, who frequently dunks during pregame warmups, now has six in-game dunks to her credit, although this was her first in more than a year. With one more dunk, she'll tie Candace Parker, the first to dunk in a woman's tournament game in 2006, for the most in a collegiate career.

With the win, the undefeated Lady Bears advanced to the round of 16, where they'll face fourth-seeded Georgia Tech on Saturday.