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Erving Walker Reportedly Cited For Stealing Taco, Fleeing Police

Give college basketball players one free moment after they're bounced from the NCAA Tournament and all hell breaks loose. Florida guard Erving Walker was cited for just about the most ridiculous reason possible Thursday night/early Friday morning: Stealing a taco and running like mad.

The report, which comes from Gator Country:

Arresting officer Visvambhara Nicoloff noted that Walker ordered a $3 taco from a street vendor around 1 a.m. in downtown Gainesville, but fled the taco stand without paying.

The former Florida point guard was caught by police offers and charged with petit theft and resisting arrest without violence. He was given a notice to appear with a court date at 9 a.m. on April 19.

More on Walker's hilarious capers can be found at Alligator Army.

It's bad enough that Walker stole a $3 taco -- broke college athlete argument, ahoy! -- but he also took off running from police ... and then was chased down after a pursuit lasting about two blocks.

Go Gata!

Edit: He was detained and there was an arrest report, but Walker was cited for the "incident"