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ANIMATED: Big East Tournament Logo Fail, Take 2

Well, this didn't take long. Just minutes after the first man hit the deck, probably because of the gigantic Big East logo, the decal claimed even more victims. And this time it was a two-for-one! Two players, one logo, one giant pileup at midcourt. It was like Friday afternoon on the 405.

I have no idea how this even happened, but it almost looked coordinated. A quick cut by the ballhandler coupled with two Louisville defenders trying to change directions combined for one superb GIF. It gets better after they go down as two other Louisville players have to hurdle their fallen comrades.


Look, this is just getting dangerous. At some point the refs are going to throw up a jump ball to start the game and all 10 players are going to slip on the logo.

But if that happens, we'll be there with a GIF in hand, because nobody can resist elite athletes eating it.