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TCU Basketball Head Coaching Search: LSU's Trent Johnson to Take Horned Frogs Job?

LSU's Trent Johnson is apparently poised to replace Jim Christian at TCU.

Well, this is weird. In the wake of TCU head coach Jim Christian leaving for Ohio, LSU's Trent Johnson - formerly of Stanford - is apparently poised to take the job as head of the Horned Frogs. Stefan Stevenston, the TCU beat writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reports the deal is done but won't be announced until Monday.

This doesn't make much sense for people who pay attention to college basketball. TCU is moving from the Mountain West to the Big 12, which puts them more in the basketball limelight, but Johnson is apparently poised to go from Stanford to LSU to TCU, which is sort of a downward trend in terms of prior basketball success. Furthermore, Richard Durrett from ESPN Dallas points out that Johnson is currently making $1.2 million while Christian was making $600,000 at TCU before taking the job vacated by Ohio's John Groce after leading the Bobcats to the Sweet Sixteen. We'll find out if these reports are true on Monday. On the plus side, he won't have to replace his purple wardrobe.

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