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Geno Auriemma Sued, Accused Of Retaliation After Rebuffed Sexual Advance

Women's national basketball team head coach Geno Auriemma has been sued. The lawsuit alleges that a security official has been removed from an assignment as a result of having spurned an advance by the coach.

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Geno Auriemma, the head coach of the Connecticut women's basketball team and the women's national team, faces a sexual harassment lawsuit from an NBA security official.

Kelley Hardwick, a former detective with the NYPD, claims she was removed from an assignment after spurning an advance from Auriemma, during which he allegedly grabbed Hardwick and attempted to kiss her.

The Associated Press reports that the alleged incident occurred at a tournament in Russia in 2009.

According to the lawsuit, one night after Auriemma wedged his way into a conversation with Hardwick and a co-worker in a hotel lounge, he followed her to the door of her room and tried to kiss her.

"Plaintiff was startled but, utilizing her training as a police officer and security professional, reacted quickly by shoving him away and stating, `What are you doing? You better check yourself before you get hurt!"' the suit says.

Hardwick says in the suit she told supervisors about the incident, but that nothing was done. In subsequent international trips, according to the suit, Auriemma avoided her but was uncomfortable with her being there.

In March, Hardwick learned of a conference call that resulted in her being removed from the London Olympic Games this summer. The lawsuit is in response to that loss of assignment.

Rich Elliott at the CT Post has the full lawsuit documents available for view.

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