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Kentucky Fan Gets Wildcat-Themed Prosthetic Leg Back

People have wondered for a long time whether or not Kentucky fans would give a limb for their Wildcats, but now there's no longer a question about whether or not they'd dedicate a limb.

Earlier this week, a Florida shrimp boat captain hauled in a prosthetic leg with the University of Kentucky logo on it. The Northwest Florida Daily News ran a story on the matter early Thursday, and shortly thereafter this photo began making its rounds on the Internet.

While multiple web sites were poking fun at the image, local law enforcement officials feared the worst and began searching for the leg's owner. They didn't have to look long, as Crestview, Fla. resident and former UK football player Fred Robinson caught wind of the attention and came forward to claim the limb.

Fred, a personal friend of mine, is a former University of Kentucky football player who moved to Florida recently to continue his recovery from the loss of the limb due to a work-related accident in 2007. Fred lost the prosthetic limb several weeks ago while out boating. He had jumped out of the boat at a stop and the current of the water literally sucked the prosthetic limb out from under him and out of his reach before he could gain control of it. He had given up all hope of every seeing the leg, valued at approximately $30,000, again. Local media and law enforcement had feared that the prosthetic was the remains of a tragic accident. When asked, Fred simply replied, "Ain't nobody dead. Just give me back my leg." Fred's leg is currently enroute to it's rightful owner.

If only every lost limb story could end this happily.