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UConn Is Officially Banned From The 2013 Postseason

The NCAA Committee on Academic Performance has made it official: the Connecticut Huskies will be sitting at home for the duration of the 2013 college hoops postseason.

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Connecticut is out of appeals. There is no longer any chance that the Huskies will be permitted to take part in college basketball's 2013 postseason.

The NCAA Committee on Academic Performance concluded its meeting on Friday without making any changes to the policies it adopted last fall. A last-second rules alteration was the last shot UConn had at getting out of the postseason ban it currently faces for low APR scores.

"[The committee] reviewed and reaffirmed our current policies and procedures regarding Academic Progress Rate data and implementation of academic penalties and/or postseason eligibility," said Walter Harrison, chair of the Committee on Academic Performance, in a statement.

"After discussion over several meetings, the committee concluded the current process is effective and achieves a careful and appropriate balance," Harrison said. "We expect to continue with these policies and procedures in the future."

Under the current rules, schools need to maintain a four-year APR average of 900 or a two-year APR average of 930 in order to be eligible for postseason play. UConn's dismal 826 APR for the 2009-10 academic year ultimately sealed its fate.

The Huskies will not be eligible for play in the Big East Tournament or any other postseason tournament.

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