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Kentucky Fans Think Davis' Lack Of Playing Time Is Personal

Reigning national Player of the Year Anthony Davis was the only member of Team USA who did not see the floor in Monday night's 80-69 victory over Brazil. After the game, head coach Mike Krzyzewski discussed the former Kentucky star's role on the team and the reasons why he didn't get off the bench.

"Anthony's a young guy," Krzyzewski said. "In a game like this, he's 10 years younger than any of those big guys he's playing against. He's going to be a terrific player. I think the experience of being with this team as we move along as he gets accustomed, we have three more exhibition games, and five games of pool play. By medal round, I don't know what type of experience playing time-wise he'll get, but he'll get a lot of experience just being with this team.

"Remember, he's just been with us a couple of days. He doesn't even know all the sets and that. But our emphasis is not on him. It's on the guys who are going to play the majority of minutes."

Seems reasonable enough. Although something tells me Kentucky fans aren't convinced.