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Rick Pitino Nominates ESPN's Jay Bilas For Big East Commish

Rick Pitino proposed naming Jay Bilas the commissioner of the Big East, which is unquestionably the best idea he's ever made.


Rick Pitino, the head coach of the Louisville Cardinals, has some radical ideas. He once left the University of Kentucky to become the head coach of the Boston Celtics, and that didn't turn out too well. He has another idea that just might turn out better, unless, of course you're a football coach at a Big East school. From Pitino's personal website:

...Who to hire as BIG EAST Commissioner?


Well Dave Gavitt's vision could be carried out by one man that has come to the necessary way of thinking towards the future. That man is Jay Bilas. I would take a portion of the Syracuse and Pittsburgh money, give him a 5 year contract and pay him 2 million per year. He has charisma, knows T.V., has a legal background, outstanding presence, and a creative thinker. He would be a grand slam.

Bilas — beloved by the Internet for his fondness for quoting Young Jeezy, his impassioned defense of players and calling out hypocritical NCAA rules and unleashing an epic trolling on live, national television — responded to Pitino's proposal in an interview with SNY's Adam Zagoria.

We at SB Nation can proudly state that we are 100 percent in support of it, and I, personally, wish I had thought of it years ago. Think of how fun conference realignment would be!

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