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Michigan Rappers Dedicate Weed Anthem To Tom Izzo

Finally. Seven Big Ten championships and six Final Fours are cute, but when DJ TayDontPlay and DJ Bruce Wayne use your name for the title of a song that's predominantly about smoking marijuana ... well, let's just say that now I can finally take Tom Izzo seriously.

Best lines:

1. "That's Michigan shit, I'm a Michigander / I've been taking a shit since I fit in Pampers"

2. "Yeah. I'm puffin' on the green trees / Ballin' hard, you can call me Mateen Cleeves."

3. "I'm a State boy / Tryin' to duck them state boys."

4. "If you wanna get money, say dip do(?) / I ball hard. Tom Izzo...Izzo....Izzo...Izzzooooo"

Izzo ... Izzo ... Izzo ... Izzzooooo.