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Child Nearly Derails Kentucky's 2012-13 National Title Hopes

Practice hasn't even begun yet and Kentucky has already dodged bullet No. 1 on the long road to defending their national championship.

While visiting the thousands of Kentucky fans camping out for tickets to Big Blue Madness - UK's annual celebration to kickoff the season - Wildcat freshman Nerlens Noel found himself on a court shooting around with a group of young supporters of Big Blue. Moments later when he later made a half-hearted attempt at a simple dunk, the No. 1 player in the class of 2012 found himself in a bit of trouble.

Noel was undercut by one of the kids in a scary moment that was captured by's Matt Jones.


According to Jones there was a collective gasp, followed by several audible "oh no, is he ok?" questions. They were not directed at the child.

In the end both Noel and the kid walked away unscathed, and Big Blue Nation wasn't forced to publicly tar and feather a child.

UPDATE: KSR has video of the fall.

Seriously, that child no longer has a family to go home to.