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Lance Thomas' Jewelry Transaction Could Put Duke's 2010 Title In Jeopardy

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Lance Thomas is being sued over a $70,000 jewelery bill, and if it's determined that he received improper benefits, it could cost Duke their 2010 NCAA basketball national championship.

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Duke's 2010 national basketball title could be in jeopardy, reasons Gary Parrish at CBS Sports. Former Blue Devil Lance Thomas is being sued for owing nearly $70,000 on a jewelry purchase, which readily suggests a case of improper benefits. If that turns out to be true, and Thomas is retroactively declared ineligable, it could cost Duke their national title even if they were completely unaware Thomas was receiving improper benefits:

the NCAA set a precedent of "strict liability" when it stripped Memphis of its trip to the 2008 Final Four. The NCAA concluded after Derrick Rose's college career was complete that somebody took the SAT for him, that his qualifying score wasn't his qualifying score. So the NCAA ruled the subsequent NBA Most Valuable Player ineligible and stripped Memphis of its Final Four even though the NCAA never charged Memphis with any wrongdoing or suggested Memphis knew about Rose's fraudulent SAT or even should've known about Rose's fraudulent SAT.

Nothing has been said by the NCAA that would indicate that this is something they're pursuing, but they're sure to have a lot of questions for Thomas, and when the answers to those questions come in, things might not look so good for Duke.

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