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College Football Rankings: Wisconsin's Big Win Leads To Big Jump In USA Today Poll

The biggest mover in the Week 8 USA Today poll isn't Wisconsin, which vaults five spots to 11th from 16th. It's West Virginia, which rises as many teams fell, moving six spots from 25th to 19th.

The biggest falls belong to Ohio State and Nebraska, both recipients of their first losses on Saturday, who fell nine spots each. The Buckeyes went from first to 10th, and the Huskers from fourth to 13th.

The full lists of movers:


Oregon to No. 1 from No. 2
Boise State to No. 2 from No. 3
Oklahoma to No. 3 from No. 6
TCU to No. 4 from No. 5
Auburn to No. 5 from No. 7
LSU to No. 6 from No. 9
Alabama to No. 7 from No. 8
Michigan State to No. 8 from No. 11
Utah to No. 9 from No. 10
Wisconsin to No. 11 from No. 16
Iowa to No. 12 from No. 14
Stanford to No. 14 from No. 15
Arizona to No. 18 from No. 20
West Virginia to No. 19 from No. 25
Texas to No. 22 from unranked
Virginia Tech to No. 23 from unranked
Mississippi State to No. 24 from unranked
Miami to No. 25 from unranked


Ohio State to No. 10 from No. 1
Nebraska to No. 13 from No. 4
South Carolina to No. 20 from No. 12
Arkansas to No. 21 from No. 13
Nevada to unranked from No. 21
Florida to unranked from No. 22
Air Force to unranked from No. 23
Michigan to unranked from No. 24

No Change

Florida State remains No. 17