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VIDEO: The Miracle Finish To LSU-Tennessee, Or Les Miles And Derek Dooley Failing Coaching 101

There is so, so, so much that is wrong with the finish of today's LSU-Tennessee game. It's an affront to football coaches and players everywhere, and slap in the face to every person who would say that armchair quarterbacks know nothing.

It's heartbreak for Tennessee fans, deliverance for LSU fans, and high comedy for the rest of us. I It's basically the best and worst college football can produce, in five short minutes. It's a snuff film, with sane and logical decision-making offed on-screen — and it's one of the best advertisements this sport could ever produce for its lovely chaos.

Holly did the breakdown. And the video is after the jump.

I would submit this as the best moment. It's Derek Dooley waving his team over to the sideline with an illegal participation penalty pending.


And I can only imagine what Les Miles is doing at that moment. For his career, when CBS displays a graphic that shows a 14-10 win for the other team, Miles is undefeated.