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Nebraska Fans Putting Loss To Texas In Historical Context

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This little nugget didn't crack the latest edition of This Week In Schadenfruede, which is a crying shame, since it's quite simply crackers. Please sit back and enjoy as Nebraska's loss to Texas is tied to the Kennedy assassination (that's not a typo):

[As] I watched the game it became pretty apparent that the calls were outrageously biased toward the Whorns.
Nothing new here , that is why we are leaving ; not because of Texas repeatedly beating us , but the Big 12 being run by the redneck , good ol boy network of Texans.They shot a president in the head in the 60's and got away with it , so underhanded tricks are not new to these guys and we will see more of it in this next year . THE TEXANS WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN A BALLGAME. Having said all that our receivers sure dropped alot of balls.

Isn't it refreshing to see salt-of-the-earth folk unafraid of speaking hard truths? How well I remember from seventh-grade history that shot of Lee Harvey Oswald with Bevo looming menacingly in the background (though, if you look closely at available photo evidence, you'll see Jack Ruby sporting a Sooners t-shirt).

HT: OrangeBloods.