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Michigan State Should Hold On In BCS Standings; Texas And Big East Won't

Michigan State, the highest-ranked team in early action, had the most to lose in the BCS standings, and nearly did. But the Spartans pulled out a second-half comeback with the aid of a fake punt and an improbable touchdown catch, and should be just fine come Sunday night.

The Spartans will benefit from the loss that will come from either LSU or Auburn this afternoon, and should move into the top six in this week's BCS rankings.

Texas and the Big East, by contrast, all but had their BCS dreams dashed.

The Longhorns, beloved by the computers to a degree that probably buoyed Oklahoma to its number one ranking this past week, should fall out of the BCS top 25 entirely after a 28-21 home loss to Iowa State. This could hurt Oklahoma this week and going forward, and certainly seems like the kiss of death for the Longhorns' hopes of getting a BCS at-large berth with a late-season rally.

The Big East, meanwhile, might be sending the least deserving BCS participant in the history of the system to a January bowl this year. West Virginia, ranked 20th in last week's BCS standings, lost 19-14 to Syracuse, and the coming week's BCS standings will almost assuredly be devoid of any Big East representatives.

With no other Big East teams even receiving votes in last week's AP Poll, it looks like all of the Big Least jokes will be valid for another year.