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Wisconsin Vs. Iowa, Live: Slugfest Continues As Ricky Stanzi Connects With Marvin McNutt; Hawkeyes Lead, 30-24

Each time Wisconsin has struck in the second half, Iowa has struck back. On the heels of Wisconsin's touchdown near the end of the third quarter, Iowa drove 80 yards down the field with a mix of runs and medium-range passes, and quarterback Ricky Stanzi ended the drive with a connection to wide receiver Marvin McNutt.

Running back Adam Robinson, who contributed a few good-sized runs to the drive, now has 111 yards in 21 attempts.

No. 13 Iowa now leads No. 10 Wisconsin, 30-24. A field goal was added when Iowa intercepted the first pass from Scott Tolzien on the ensuing drive. We're now nearly halfway through the fourth quarter. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for further updates.