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Wisconsin Vs. Iowa, Live: Brad Nortman's Fake Punt, Montee Ball's Run Give Wisconsin 31-30 Lead

A fast-paced second half is culminating into a dramatic finish in Kinnick Stadium. Down 30-24 with under four minutes left in the fourth quarter, Wisconsin pulled a fake punt on Iowa. Needing only four yards, punter Brad Nortman scrambled 17 yards to bring the Badgers near midfield.

Wisconsin continued to charge until they found themselves at Iowa's 8-yard line, when Montee Ball -- on only his second carry of the game -- bowled through Iowa's defense for the touchdown. Ball managed to pull half the Iowa defense with him through most of the eight yards, and lunged the ball into the end zone. After reviewing the play, the referees ruled it a touchdown.

Iowa now takes over with all three timeouts, under a minute left. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for further updates.