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No. 10 Wisconsin 31, No. 13 Iowa 30: Hawkeyes Waste Last-Second Chance With Timeout Mis-Management

Wisconsin managed to hang on for the win on Saturday, 31-30, to deliver a particularly heartbreaking loss for Iowa faithful. In the final minutes, the Badgers mounted a memorable drive that was highlighted by a successful fake punt and Montee Ball steamrolling eight yards into the end zone.

The final seconds, though, may be more memorable, and for the wrong reasons. Iowa took over with just over a minute left, and all three timeouts remaining. Head coach Kirk Ferentz used two of them en route to the Wisconsin side of the field.

Iowa found itself at 4th-and-1 at Wisconsin's 40, and quarterback Ricky Stanzi successfully converted on a quarterback sneak. The Hawkeyes promptly picked themselves off the ground, and Stanzi appeared ready to spike the ball, but Ferentz then used Iowa's third and final timeout. On the next  play, Stanzi shoveled the ball to running back Adam Robinson, who was not able to get out of bounds. With that, the game had ended in front of a crestfallen Iowa crowd.

This game won't be soon forgotten. For more, check in with our Wisconsin blog, Bucky's 5th Quarter, and our Iowa blog, Black Heart Gold Pants.