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BCS Standings: Oregon Projected To Top BCS Rankings

Our SB Nation BCS analysis blog, BCS Evolution, has an early look at the various college football polls this week, revising preliminary projections released this morning.

There's a lot to dig into there, but one thing seems clear: Oregon, not Auburn, will be the team on top of the BCS standings when the rankings are released tonight on ESPN.

It's also interesting to note that the top six in the USA Today, AP, and Harris Interactive polls are all the same, and that the sixth-ranked team in all three polls is one-loss Alabama. That's further evidence of how helpful a lofty preseason ranking can be; Alabama's early loss leaves them in good position to win out and make the BCS Championship Game, but Oklahoma's loss to Missouri means the Sooners will need to win out and get help to play for a national title.

And, as usual, it looks like Boise State and TCU have a near-impossible road to the BCS Championship Game, one which will require multiple losses by higher-ranked teams. That's just the plight of the BCS busters, same as it ever was.