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BCS Standings: As Expected, Auburn Is Number One, Oregon Number Two

The entire top 10 came in as expected in this mornings projections. The gap between Auburn and Oregon was a bit surprising, and will be insurmountable without an Auburn loss. The entire top six is fairly close, and this is especially true for second through fourth.

Oregon, Boise State and TCU are within a single computer vote of each other. TCU has the next ranked opponent in Utah, but USC should give Oregon enough padding to fend them off. Boise State has no such cushion. TCU should pass Boise State next week with a win over any Mountain West conference team.

Michigan State and Missouri both enter the BCS Championship Game race, being within a few computer votes of the top group of teams. Michigan State faces Iowa and Missouri plays Nebraska next week. Wins here could push them up to a mess of teams that will be claiming the second spot next week.

Alabama, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Ohio State and LSU were also clustered together and round out the national title contenders. Thus, the line described but left vague this morning is drawn here.

The rest of the standings are made up of teams in the running for a BCS bowl as an at-large participant, but with easier routes to those berths through their conference championships. The automatic qualification races have been rehashed and are posted at BCS Evolution.