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BCS Forecast: Choose Your Own Adventure Starring Auburn

Choose Your Own Adventure -- BCS style! -- begins with Auburn. You must make the right choices to get them to the BCS Championship Game! (Though having Cam Newton helps.)

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This story is different than other stories. It has no well-orchestrated ending or conclusion due to a long and very difficult to explain series of historical errors on the part of those who run college football. You should just blame Jim Delany and be done with it. 

Moving on: this is a different book. YOU AND YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story. 

There are dangers, consequences, choices, and adventures. YOU must use all of your numerous talents and all of your enormous intelligence. Yes, even you Les Miles! The wrong choice could mean disaster--OR A BID IN THE OUTBACK BOWL. (Gasp!) At anytime you may go back and alter your choice in order to change the story, something that in real life is replaced by blaming others and then receiving promotions into management. 

Your name in this story is AUBURN FOOTBALL. The story opens in your spacious shed in Auburn where an old gypsy tells you of a magic troll of great size who loves to play football, but has been cast out of his home. You have security throw the old gypsy out. This gypsy is named Tony Franklin, and he is very lost but knows his magical trolls. You're in need of a quarterback now that the greatest quarterback in Auburn history, Chris Todd, has graduated to become the number one draft pick in the Professional Football League of Men. 

What do you do to lure the magical troll to your university? 

If you put a bowl of Otis Spunkmeyer muffins out to attract the magical troll, go to page 52

If you put a bowl of cash out to attract the magical troll, go to page 17