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Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon Suspended One Game For DUI Arrest

Oklahoma State star wide receiver Justin Blackmon will sit out Saturday;s game against Kansas State after his arrest on a misdemeanor DUI charge. Oklahoma State suspended him for the game, but he will be able to return for the next one.

Coach Mike Gundy announced Blackmon’s suspension Wednesday during a news conference after the Cowboys practiced. Blackmon also briefly addressed reporters, saying he “made a mistake” and takes “full responsibility” for it.

“I’m embarrassed to be in this position,” Blackmon said. “I’m truly sorry to my family, to my friends and to Oklahoma State all together. I look forward to redeeming myself and proving to everybody that this isn’t who I am. I’m not this guy. I’m humbled by this experience and I will grow from it.”

If you’d like to, you can ponder the reality that it’s better to get behind the wheel of a car drunk than to commit an NCAA infraction, comparing Blackmon to the case of Dez Bryant. But I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised at this point.

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