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BCS Standings: Which Week 9 Games Are Almost Playoffs?

Though the prospect of an actual playoff coming to the Football Bowl Subdivision is rather unlikely in the near future, there are still games that serve as de facto playoff games for BCS contenders. And two such games will happen this weekend, according to BCS Evolution.

The first is Missouri's trip to Lincoln to take on Nebraska. For the Tigers, a second win over a highly-ranked Big 12 team in as many weeks would likely solidify their place near the top of the BCS rankings. For the Cornhuskers, a win over Missouri would likely help them vault to the front of the Big 12 pack in the next BCS standings. Either team, with a win, has a clear path to the Big 12 North Division title and a berth in the Big 12 Championship Game.

There's no conference championship game berth on the line when Iowa hosts Michigan State this weekend, but the Spartans' BCS hopes may be entirely based on this game. Iowa's the only ranked team left for Michigan State to conquer, and the Spartans will be heavy favorites over the rest of their schedule. But Michigan State is an underdog in Iowa City this week, and could give the Hawkeyes a boost in the polls and BCS standings — and set up a de facto Big Ten championship game between Iowa and Ohio State — by falling.

For more analysis of the BCS standings and implications of any week, be sure to check BCS Evolution.