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Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly Speaks On Declan Sullivan Incident

After Notre Dame's loss to Tulsa on Saturday, coach Brian Kelly spent some of his postgame press conference addressing student assistant Declan Sullivan's death while videotaping practice on Wednesday.

"On Wednesday I made the decision that we could have a productive and safe practice outdoors. Productive, because the conditions were such, though windy, not unlike practices I've had at other universities including Notre Dame...the next thing that was important is that it was a safe session.


"There are systems in place to make certain and deal with issues of safety and clearly in this instance they failed. We're in the process of examining what are those systems in place and looking for those answers."

"(The loss to Tulsa) was a very difficult loss but it certainly pales in comparison to the unimaginable sorrow we had this week.

"As a father of three I can only imagine the sorrow that accompanies the loss of your son. It's been a very difficult time for me and everybody in our football family.

"From a personal perspective it's been a very difficult week for all of us. I focused strictly on the Sullivan family, our football family and my family."