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College Football Rankings: Boise State Leads Non-BCS Teams In Week 10 USA Today Poll

As usual, Boise State enjoys a lofty ranking in this week's USA Today poll. But it's not quite as lofty as the Broncos have gotten accustomed to of late.

The Broncos are the highest-ranked non-BCS team in USA Today coaches poll for Week 10, but slip behind Auburn, falling to third.

Four non-BCS teams in total show up in the poll, and if they were all part of one conference, it might be the nation's best. Three of those teams are in the top six of the rankings, and all three of those teams are undefeated.

Next week, there will be no more than two lossless teams, though: Utah hosts TCU next Saturday in the season's last regular season matchup of unbeaten squads.

Full non-BCS rankings are as follows:

- No. 3 Boise State
- No. 4 TCU
- No. 6 Utah
- No. 23 Nevada