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College Football Coaches On The Hot Seat: Tim Brewster Leads The Way

In which we identify the five college football coaches with the toastiest bottoms, how close they are to shuffling loose the coaching coil, and what they can do to pain their fanbase for one more season. This week we take a look at the plight of Minnesota's Tim Brewster, North Carolina's Butch Davis and others.

•  Mike Locksley, New Mexico

Season Record: 0-5
Overall Record: 1-16
What He Do So Wrong?:
Two years ago, you couldn't talk about a coaching vacancy without mentioning assistant coach wunderkind Mike Locksley. Two years later he's about to get fired at New Mexico. You know how bad of a job you have to do to get bumped off in New Mexico after two years?  Winning only one game in sixteen chances doesn't bode well. Nor does news that you assaulted one of your assistants. Or that you didn't learn your lesson and got into a huge argument with a reporter at a bar. The fact that rumor mills are already naming your successor can't be a good sign either.
What Can He Do Right?: Win-out. And considering the Lobos are currently being outscored 258 - 61 and have yet to play BYU or TCU, that seems highly dubious.
Chances He's Back In 2011?: 1%

•  Paul Wulff, Washington State

Season Record: 1-4
Overall Record: 4-26
What He Do So Wrong?:
In Wazzou's second game of the season, the Cougars mounted an exciting fourth-quarter comeback to win. The problem is, it was against FCS team Montana State. The bigger problem? Not too many people were surprised that Washington State almost lost. It's kinda become their thing under Wulff. With the school in dire financial straits, it can't afford too many more seasons like these.
What Can He Do Right?: Somehow, someway, win at least four games this season. It would be a 200% improvement from his best season to date.
Chances He's Back In 2011?: 2%

•  Tim Brewster, Minnesota

Season Record: 1-4
Overall Record:
What He Do So Wrong?:
Well, he lost to FCS South Dakota. And then Northern Illinois. But those losses were just cappers on what's been a reign of diminishing returns for Brewster and the Gophers. After a rough 1-11 start, he righted the ship in year two with a 7-6 season that ended in Insight Bowl victory. Year three brought about a return to the Insight Bowl but this time it ended in a loss and a 6-7 finish for a team that started the year 3-1. Currently in dead last in the Big Ten and trying to fill a new-ish stadium, Gopher faithful have run out of patience.
What Can He Do Right?: The Gophers have a brutal schedule coming up, games against Wisconsin, Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State. It's probably going to take a couple wins there to save his butt. That doesn't sound too likely.
Chances He's Back In 2011?: 5%

•  Butch Davis, North Carolina

Season Record: 2-2
Overall Record:
What He Do So Wrong?:
It's not so much what he did but what he didn't do. His program has fallen dangerously close to "lack of institutional control" territory with multiple academic, beneficial and financial transgressions.Somehow, Davis has kept his job so far, mostly due to the fact that no one has pinned anything directly on him yet. And the fact that he's got a pretty stringent contract. Plus, he's started winning games in spite of all the off-the-field issues. It's hard to believe he'll be allowed to coach at UNC past this season, but, I suppose that all depends...
What Can He Do Right?: Win. Win a lot. Win the Coastal Division. Take UNC to the ACC Championship Game. Bring them lots of money. On-the-field success and hoping no one uncovers his fingerprints on anything is probably the only way he's getting out of this one.
Chances He's Back In 2011?: 15%

•  Mike Sherman, Texas A&M

Season Record: 3-1
Overall Record:
What He Do So Wrong?:
At first glance, it doesn't look like Sherman is doing THAT bad. But dig deeper and you'll see that eight of those thirteen wins were gimmes. And that doesn't include a loss to Arkansas State. Or this season's near-loss to FIU. Then there's the other thing...this is Texas A&M. barely beating FIU and finishing 6-7 just doesn't cut it.
What Can He Do Right?: Sherman at least has the Aggies playing competitively (only lost by three to Okie State). If he can get A&M back to a bowl game, he should be safe for another year. Regardless, he'll be on a short leash.
Chances He's Back In 2011?: 20%

Hottest-Bottomed Coaches By Conference

ACC: Butch Davis, UNC

Big 12: Mike Sherman, TAMU

Big Ten: Tim Brewster, Minn

Big East: Greg Schiano, Rutgers (Greg's is no danger of being fired, but another poor start to a season has RU faithful wondering why the program seems to be moving backwards)

Pac-10: Paul Wulff, WSU

SEC: Mark Richt, Georgia (The Bulldogs are rebuilding. Still, programs like UGA don't stand for rebuilding beyond one season)

Other Coaches With Uncomfortably-Hot Seating Arrangements

Dan Hawkins (Colorado), Todd Dodge (North Texas), Ron Zook (Illinois), Dennis Erickson (ASU), Gene McMackin (Hawaii)